Pleasant Musings

Been a while since I sat and addressed this blog. Lets just say the personal life is a little busy and leave it at that.

As I write, the Tigers are off today; they just completed the sweep of Oakland after being swept in Minnie.. Talk about feast or famine. Good pitching wasted then showing up again when you least expect it. Timely hitting.. All in all a microcosm of why we all love baseball.

Can we appreciate Jim Leylands and Dave D.’s upcoming pitching dilemmas? Bondo is in his rehab starts, we have two VERY impressive rookies making major contributions to the staff. Two older heads have regained their 2006 form when many thought one in particular never would. (Zoomer) What will JL and DD do when Bondo completes his rehab? Who will get sent to Toledo? Will someone get released? Will someone get traded? What do they want as trade material: another utility guy or infielder? Another reliever? Another catcher? Draft choices? So many possibilities!

What about the outfield? Grandy is golden for years to come. Maggs is in his contract year, He’s had a slow start is beginning to get back into form. His personal issues aside from this week, Will DD want to spend the kind of money Maggs would expect to stay or do they let him go and give Josh Anderson his starting position? What about Marcus Thames? Despite his power numbers, he’s a little shaky on defense. Carlos Guillen? His injuries are coming along more and more often. Can he ever get back to 100%? Wil his bat ever become as hot as it used to be? Right now given a choice between him and Ramon Santiago as the switch hitter on the team, I’d stick with Ramon. What about Clete Thomas? Raburn? And down at Toledo, Brent Clevlen?

My personal choices? How would I build the 25 man roster right now? Easy.. be gentle with me in your critique!

1. Grandy CF

2. Polanco 2B

3, Thomas RF

4.Cabrera 1B

5.Ordonez DH

6. Anderson LF

7. Laird/ Sardhina C

8. Inge3B

9. Everett/Santiago SS

Bench: Raburn, Larish.

Starting 5: Verlander, Porcello, Jackson, Willis, Galarraga.

Breaking up the bullpen:

Long: Bondo, Miner, Robertson, Perry

Specialists: Seay, Zumaya, Rodney.

That leaves 1 pitching slot open. I’d say we’re still looking. Brandon Lyon hasn’t impressed me so far this year and the jury is still out on young Mr. French. Clay Rapada doesnt work for me. What I’d really love to see the Tigers find is a lefty that has Zumaya’s skills and speed.

One caveat: Bondo in the pen and Willis starting depend largely on how Willis performs in his next couple of starts and Bondo’s progress in rehab. Otherwise swap them out. Despite the conventional wisdom that says you have to have a left handed starter sometime on your staff.

You will also note that Guillen and Thames aren’t there. Sorry folks but time to move on. Thames is just a bat and Carlos.. will have to be VERY impressive in his rehab at both batting and fielding. Can you say Trade Bait?

Time will Tell..



I was saddened as much as the rest of the world at the news of young Mr. Adenharts tragic ending. Better people have said all there is to say about the situation in other places here. Nuff said

Toronto recap: Kinda frustrating to wathc the wasted game by Edwin Jackson. Felt like Deja Vu all over again from last year. I gotta ask; it’s really Dontrelle Willis with the anxiety disorder? After Justins performance on Monday, I think D-train isn’t the only one with mental issues. Skip was right in telling Justin to RELAX! He doesn’t have to carry all the load in the rotation.

I was very impressed by both Porcello’s and Perry’s turns on the mound. There is the future of the Tigers right there. Now lets just get Zoomer back in battery along with Bondo..

I am glad to see that someone besides me noticed that all of Brandon Inge’s hits for the series went for extra bases. Including some timely dingers.

Is everybody ready for Opening day at Comerica? Wish I could be there!

Hope springs eternal


I am so happy that Spring training has officially begun. It means summer is right around the corner, and winter is almost passed. I am already looking for games to go see weather and work schedule permitting. I already have 2 firm dates on the books. With the Astro’s here in Houston in June and the Rangers in Arlington in July. I am still trying to find time for 2 spring training games. One in Lakeland in March. (my dad winters in Sarasota) And one of the two against Atlanta at Turner field in April. (The daughter lives in Atlanta now.) Getting a game in at Comerica is whole nother ballgame!

If I manage to squeeze a game in at Comerica, I’ll try my darndest to make it a family affair. With as many of my siblings as possible. I CANT WAIT!!!!

What a ride!

Memorable moments for the season for me. I don’t play favorites here on this one.

3 ballgames in 3 stadiums. Tigers vs Astros in preseason finale at Minute Made park; Tigers/Rangers in Arlington (behind the Tigers dugout); and Tigers/Jays at Comerica. record? 1-2 sux to be us.

The Tigers collapse: Gawd this season just sucked!

Goodbye Yankee Stadium. Goodbye Shea. Final goodbye for old Tiger stadium.

Josh Hamilton in the HR derby. Nuff said!

The Rays. Worst to first with the worst attendance.

The Cubs. Making lots of noise

Manny being Manny. LA is welcome to him.

Boston being Boston. Blue collar workers.

New York and the All Star game. Class act start to finish.

The Angels: it ALL starts with pitching.

the NL west: if ever a division needed help…

the AL east: Power top to bottom. Name one pushover in this division.. I dare ya.

Goodbye Todd Jones. The roller coaster stops here. Cant remember any other retirees except Brad Ausmus of the Astros..

Troy Percival: AL comeback player of the year.

Jim Edmonds: NL comeback player of the year

Dark horse for the NL manager of the year: Cecil Cooper of the Astros.

Dark horse AL manager: Ozzie Guillen 

Am sure if I work at it I’d come up with more.. this will do for a start

2009 here we come!

This will be my last entry for a while. While I’ll follow the season right thru October, I have too much on my personal plate at this time of year to continue this blog.

Its time for a look ahead. I disagree that the September call ups are a waste. Its a good chance to get an early jump on next years spring training. See which Vets to keep, who to let go, and who is going to need some serious help before Febuary. Even if the Managers rotate the names on the 40 man rosters, give as many prospects as possible some playing time. I am quite sure KC, Seattle, San Diego, all the also rans will be doing as much.

Off topic of baseball: A sporty lady VP candidate.  Dayum she’s good looking!

Nuff said. See ya’ll later!

Arlington Trip

Or, Ballplayers are people too!

Just got home from Arlington. Was at the game Monday night with a FINE game turned in by the Tigers. Absolutely loved watching Grandy’s 2 triples. Talk about wild! We sat 3 rows behind the Tigers dugout. Absolutely cool seats!!

It must have been take your kid to work day for the Texas residents among the Tigers. Son and I got to the park in time for BP which was cancelled due to rain. But a couple Tigers warmed up in the outfield. Kyle Farnsworth was the first seen. He was playing catch with his young daughter for a bit in left. She was a lil cutie! Right before the ground crew pulled the tarp Armando Galaragga was walking around holding his lil sons hand. Took the camera from (I assume) his wife and took a picture of the lil guy sitting in the dugout. At the end of the third inning, Kenny Rogers teenage daughter came down to say hello to Kenny. He blew her a kiss and showed that he was wearing a braided chain I guess she had made or bought for him. Kenny, if you read this; She is a very lovely young lady! Anyone willing to bet her potential suitors are well behaved?

I thought the message boards and bloggers were rough on Sheff. Granted I feel he’s getting old and at the end of his career too. But the badmouthing I KNOW he heard last night was just way over the limit. They were merciless. Needless to say it got a little quieter after he bombed that one down the line for a 2 run shot…

Only bad part about the whole game.. We had to leave before the bottom of the 8th. My glasses broke! Fortunately I had a second pair in the car. to drive with..

 Looking forward now to the last game I get to go to this season. Cubs vs. Astros 13 Sep at MinuteMaid Park!

Trip report.

ok.. told you all in an earlier entry I had tickets to Mondays Jays/Tigers game. Good to sit and watch but the results sucked. Do have a little story to tell though. My future son in law was hit by a thrown ball from Joel Zumaya.

We were all sitting and watching the Jays take BP with Zoomer and Casey Fossum playing long toss in the left field corner by our seats. I dont know if they were finished or what but Zoomer threw the ball into the stands towards a bunch of kids lining the wall watching. He cleared them all and hit my son in law in the arm and the ball fell into the seat in front of him. He looks around, all the kids are staring at him.. and Zoomer is on the field chuckling. So he grabbed the ball and dropped it into my daughters lap and told us his story. Hell of a way to get a souvenier.

I was a little surprised though. I have been on record about Sheff being ready for departure. It surprised me that when he made an out during the game, the crowd’s booing got worse as the night went on. I guess the fans are as ready as I am for Sheff and the Tigers to part ways. Then the story about Sheffs talk with the Boston Globe comes out and its all over but the crying. Sheff will be gone by years end and DD and the Ilitch’s will have to eat the 14 mil Sheff is owed. Thing is, what team is going to take a chance on a 40 yr old left fielder who’s best years at the plate are gone? Sheff will be like Sosa, Bonds, et al.. and be sitting and waiting. Difference being he’ll be making 14 mil doing it.